Self-funded and independent studio based in sunny Portugal. We develop apps, plugins and videogames

Luckyshot West

2D top-down twin stick shooter pixelart videogame developed in Unity.


Offline Render

Offline Render is an easy to use, realtime capture plugin for Unity.

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Lightprobe Generator

Automatically create lightprobes in Unity on closed volumes using various algorithms.

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Velux VR & 360

Intel Smart Home

Isuzu VR Experience

360 Gym Experience

Realtime Archviz Demo

VR Future House

Certify Me 360

8K AMD NAB 2017


Artur Leao

Jack of all trades

Does things and stuff, here and there

Daniel Santana


A genius programmer only surpassed by his master zen skills

Filipe Veiga


Holistic developer and 8-bit enthusiast

Ricardo Lé


Hardware Necromancer

Deivis Tavares


Master of the pixel, friend of nature and all things green